Monday, October 10, 2011

God's tear

Lord, are you tearing with me right now. Can we share the pain together? The sun still shines brightly even when you cry so hard. I want to be like you...

Monday, August 8, 2011


things has shaken tremendoudly around here, it time to wake up! if things isn't going according to your plan, never lose faith. it is time to spice up the day with confidents!! proverb 20:15, gold there is, rubies in abundance, but lips that speak of knowledge are a rare jewel. proverbs 20:19, a gossip diminishes confident, so avoid man that talks to much.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Back to Life, Back to Reality.

2yrs to go and all will be different. Tressure what you have now is the best key of reminder!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

time to blog again.. woohoo..!

sometimes things changes... out of out expectation. you would not know where is up to...
when you think it is yours and it was not
when you think it is in your hands and it was not
when you think you can take that change and challenges but in the end you failed

what is up then? your fault? others fault? who knows... we can never judge others.. but just ourselves. so then.. conclusion.. it is us.. it is me! what's wrong with me?

things changed... things moved... things went out of order...

pls take control.. get it out of me.. out of my sight..

Monday, November 8, 2010

sadess things that could happen

it has been great this pass few days... really enjoy much. party after party, undeniable it was awesome fun.. with great friends and company. it is jz sad that to see people leaving one by one. not leaving much people here. but life still goes on. to everyone.... all the best in coming years. no doubt it will be sad to see some people not coming back... but im sure you guys will be having good time ahead. have fun people... those who are coming back.. lets face the challenge... :)

*not in right condition now. message might be up and down. sorry folks....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

SOON and very SOON

good day peeps!

at this hour blogging, doesn't seem right though. oh well, what more can i say.... in the trial of tension situation, God is in control. right? amen! it's gonna be a post of determination and believing.. so then

i can finish drawings/montages/3ds/modal/detailing/essay/diagrams/words/panels on time!
i can do what are required
i can do exceed expectation
i can 'wow' everyone
i can graduate beyond saticfactory level
i can be all fired up the next couple of days
i can SLEEP enough!

okay.. enough of me but others now.
How is everyone doing? though everyone may not be on the same level but in the end. when 19th comes... everyone by hook or by crook will be done. YEA... we will be done! '

jz a short summary of the past days... went swimming with phang, choi and terence while pple who ffk.. ck, desmond and delon :( its beginning to be our usual routine. it was fun. getting the momentum to level up my stamina.. :D time was too tight therefore we skipped our usual cocoa bean after.

while friday, went for class in the morning and then gotten a little break out to Launceston show day. boy, it was awesome! slight disappointed, that couldn't win the big soft toy but in exchange, had an extreme ride! it was a whole of a dangerous ride where hands and feets are left flying in the sky. Angela, ck, (yr1 archi gal??) and me.... being dragged up, down, left, right, sides, whole lots of 360 degree twist. woohoo.. it was great! too bad... terence, choi, janet and morgon weren't in the game. tiny feets were not out to take the challenge.. haha! then had some awesome shopping for clothings and accessories. the next thing i knew.. clock is ticking at 410pm already! *poooff* rushed home to get ready for work at 5pm. and there it goes... a day gone.. BUT.. spent with friendly, smart, intelligent, awesome, friends...

coming up days.. we are just gonna be like a robot. facing comp 24/7 until that day to come.. I need some super geng strength and i know where is the source. who wants it? no worries, just ASK and you shall RECEIEVed! (with past tense, he has already done :D)

good night peeps!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

it is coming to an end!

It's time again! Yet another season to enjoy out there. SPRING! Today's weather is fantastic; foresee to have the lovely walk in the sun by the sea sometime soon. it's been long since Launceston was 20 degree celcius at day. haha.. God bless this day!

Up coming weeks will be hectic and disorder i presume.. i pray that god may take control in all sorts of situation, bringing things to good position and organised. just as lining up on grid, with perfect details, embracing at its best. ;)

with all that, i'll say.... i'll be graduating bachelor in 24days! now, that is exciting isn't it? all the best to UTAS 3rd year of 2010 bach students! All prayers are in His hands. Amen!

Mango, Kentuckee, BokChoi, Terence, PMonkey, CelineDelon, Iris, SzeSze, NetNet, YaYa, ChenChen, Janny, OneHole, Jasper, JnB, McHor, SamSukk, Rainbo, GuoYi, Ivany, Izzy, Tasha, Fatin, Liz, Sab, Anis, Ariff, FangYow, Tim, Veronica, Jazelle.... (can't remember all.. forgive me!)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

as of today's DATE

*yawnnn* good morning!

Last night was a good sleep. WHY? because it was without axieties or worries of assignments even though i didn't do anything last night. Got back home tired after work. No mood to continue assignment and was reluctant to even do anything instead had watched Gossip Girls, sort of a reward for me for working so hard. yay!

Theory submission is coming up soon, like this coming wednesday. I have no idea how to do until today's date. But before that, Design submission this tues and then later part Landscape on friday. Wow, how do i even juggle my time.

It stucked me that i've not been spending much time with God lately after the previous major submission. Conclusion to that is... how quickly God's forgotten. Exactly coincide with what i read this morning. Sometimes i wonder all those days that i've skipped my devotion and the time i get back to it, it sort of tally back to the current situation. Çan we then actually doubt God's timing? I believe there's always something that is beyond our imagination. Not that i'm saying we should always missed daily devotion..

so then... what's up now?? Back to getting close to God. thrusting Him in current situation and situation to come. Believing that He is the all source of healing. Lord, come heal my backache.... :(

Alright, Mcd break for now and then begin HTD... Diagram, Language and Technology. themes that i'm looking at. Hope i'm able to get inspiration and write those theory out by this evening.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

where is it... WHERE IS IT...
I can't find it. it's killing me slowly...

Monday, September 6, 2010


1st thing comes to mind.... Thank God! and praise his name forever and ever.. today is one of those ''not so common'' days where i get my result. it is such a pleasant feeling when you're all prepared for your grades(though is not that good). asking god to give you that prepared heart while receiving it. not the outcome that matters but is the process of getting through it and accepting it as it is.

just a few days ago, quiet time was on the topic accepting plans that were planned ahead for us though it weren't what we want. Now i can see that it worked! with all that, i give thanks to god once again for all these. i believe there are more to come. more choices to make and more open routes in the comings. so right now, sam is waiting for the next amazing thing to happen!

that's all for now. back to DS!! tmr's the date and i'm no where near completion but... funny.. is there's always a 'but' behind all cases....? so then, this BUT is... DS shall be completed no matter what! so then. targetting by dinner, 2ds; and after dinner, diagrams; and after that, layout. weeeEEE...........

start now! all the best guys!